Friday, February 8, 2008

What a phony

This guy stands out near Cave Creek, trying his best to look like a real saguaro, and for the most part, people just drive right by and think nothing of it; look closely, and you'll see he's jut a little too perfect, and is a fake! We couldn't figure out what his real purpose was (cell phone tower? communicator with Mars?) Anyone know?

My three favorite daily photos for today are:

Paris, France

Selma, Alabama

Nottingham, UK

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Sara said...

We have those "phoney" things here in NH only they are trees - and they are cell phone towers for us....

Jim said...

In my job I work with all of the major tower companies. In SoCal they have towers that look like palm trees. They are called stealth towers. I will have to go in tomorrow and show them your photo.