Friday, September 21, 2007

Mirror image

Our neighbor's tree has grown so much that it touches the water now - makes for a pretty picture, especially at sunset
PS - hubby found my camera!

Here's my three favorite daily photos for today:

Detroit, Michigan

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Menton, France

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Anonymous said...

You are right :)
Same elements from the different parts of the world - pretty photos !
Did you click my photo and link in a text to see photos of our summer nights.
Have a happy weekend!
Thank you for your visit my blog!

Rambling Round said...

Looks like the tree is touching the sky!

Z said...

Thank you for visiting my Villigen CH blog and commenting on the laundry shot.

Many years ago I was in Tucson and surroundings for a couple of weeks and I have great memories of the beauty of the place. The Painted Desert.

Lynette said...

So glad your camera is home!

Lynette said...

So glad your camera is home!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Cool stuff you got. Nice take, where did you get this?
By the way, let me show you some of my works

Many thanks