Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Saguaro and blue sky

Taken outside of the Chandler Museum

My three favorite daily photos for today are:

Prague, Czech Republic

Mumbai, India

Lakewood, Ohio

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Unknown said...

Beautiful saguaro and colours too!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for linking to my photo :)

Honza from Prague

Anonymous said...

That is nice to see a saguaro is alive and well and growing in what appears to be the wild. People out in Arizona used to steal these out of the desert and stick them in their front yards.

Karen said...

Hope all is well in Chandler. Haven't seen a post in a while. Just busy with school, I hope.

Pat said...

Hi, I decided to pick up where you left off and now have a Daily photo blog in and around Chandler. if you aren't going to continue, I'd love for you to post a final blog directing people to mine.

If, not you can just delete this comment. I'll understand and would love to see more of your pics.

My blog is www.chandlerarizonausa.blogspot.com