Monday, December 1, 2008

DP Theme day - Circles

I haven't participated in a theme day for awhile, but today I'm back - December's theme is circles or spheres - this gate is found at the Tempe Town Lake in Tempe

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Olivier said...

original ce choix

Thérèse said...

Hello Chandler Mom!
Olivier who left a comment earlier just told me that there was someone from Chandler blogging...
So here I am.
I am not part of City Daily Photo though trying my best to post every second day.

Hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do.
I was at the Tempe Townlake last week for the Iron Man but just watching! It was so much fun.
Nice rings for the theme day.

Hilda said...

Beautiful view! I love the blues in this photo — the gate, the water and the sky. Happy theme day!

Tash said...

I was also struck by the lovely colors, the blues and the desert tones of the surrounding structure. Great Theme Day post.

Pat said...

welcome back! That's a wonderful picture. Is it down near the new art center? looks like the damn in the background.