Monday, May 14, 2007

Buckhorn Baths

I like quirky roadside places, and this one in East Mesa has a neat history, although I don't think it'll be there much longer; I read late last year that WalMart has it's eye on the property, and the owner is way into her 90s. I'm not sure it's even operating right now, but you can read about it's history here:
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Anonymous said...

Well it would be a shame to just bulldoze history away. Maybe Walmart could be convinced to incorporate all the museum stuff from the motel into their new digs. I like that idea.

Your photo is nice too and the narative is interesting.

If you got there yesterday and were part of the 100 or so who left a comment about my magazine cover for my Patty, then I need to thank you for your visit. I do appreciate it. It was a first for me.

Deb said...

Another classic slice of Americana being bulldozed for A Big Ugly Box.
I hope someone at least preserves the sign!

Chuckeroon said...

For me this is real "Americana". Any chance of it being precious enough for the City Fathers to want to preserve it?