Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pizza dough

Going to restaurants with kids is NOT FUN. However, at a local pizza place, called Grimaldi's, they bring out pizza dough for the kiddies - works like a charm!

My three favorite daily photos for today are:

New York City, New York


Richmond upon Thames, UK

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Andree said...

that's an innovative and fun idea. I wonder when, or if, the fun wears thin for kids. wish they had that here for grandson.

Dan said...

I have 6 kids and know what it is like to try keep them entertained at a restaurant! They are very tactile learners and activity oriented so thats why this works. When our kids were younger my wife and I would 'volunteer' (more like gang-pressed) into working at the nursery at church. We would distribute playdoe to the kids and ask them to make something that depicted the day's Bible lesson. Kept everyong content and quite for a while.